A swift, decisive punch to the abdomen. Should the individual be pregnant, it would most likely cause a spontaneous abortion.

An abortion punched must be 'called out' so that is fair game. Much like the ball tag and cooter cudgel.
Nolan: I abortion punched that pregnant girl so hard her baby shot out at 65 miles per hour and killed that Vietnam war widow!
by Dick McFeely February 24, 2005
basically you falcon punch a pregnant woman to cause immediate loss of foetus. This is how Captain Falcon avoids press attention from pregnancy scandals.
"Captain falcon had a rough night with some strippers but quickly solved the problem falcon punch abortion style"
by FishFarmer December 31, 2009
To violently strike a child-bearing women in the uterine area.
Melanie: "Dad I think I'm pregnant and I'm going to keep it."
Dad: "That's fine honey"
*later that evening while Melanie is sleeping*

Dad: "Jennifer our daughters pregnant"
Jennifer: "That cum guzzling dick garage would fuck the pope I'm going to give her a gut punch abortion"
by Dickgaragecentral April 11, 2016