A small piece of land holding a people striving for independence from the nationalist Georgians and the Russians. One of the most interesting areas of the former Soviet Union, Abkhazia is famous for its resort areas (Pitsunda, Gagra, and Tskhaltubo), its beautiful mountains and almost fjordlike area around Lake Ritsa, and its groves of unusual thousands-of-years-old pines. The Abkhazians speak an Abazo-Adyge (Circassian) language with two main dialects and several subdialects. Abkhazians are famous for their longevity and fiery dances with swords and shields, often done on tiptoe in unpadded boots.
If only there wasn't a war between Georgia and Abkhazia, Abkhazia would be a beautiful place to visit!
by pentozali July 27, 2007
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Abkhazia, the homeland of our people, the Abkhaz, from majestic lake Ritsa in the north to the Black Sea in the southwest. Our people are an ancient race with a proud culture and traditions. Yet for as long as we can remember, we have been ruled by Georgians, an ethnically distant group.

In the face of our oppressors, we have shown nothing less than the epitome of courage. We have done what we can to assimilate to their culture while holding on to our own. No more.

We must rise up from this prison we've been trapped in by Georgian jailers for the millenia and FIGHT for freedom, not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors, who so long ago trekked through the Caucasus, settled in our glorious homeland and became the first Abkhazians. We too shall fearlessly march to our future claim our homeland, our Abkhazia and create a new life for our children, and our children's children. We will not so much as blink when we face threats of violence, even death. We will greet our future with open arms.

With this newfound freedom, we shall rise to our full potential. The cry of liberty will echo through the mountains, and together we will create a paradise on Earth. The world will herald us for our cultural achievements, our beautiful towns and cities, and our brave people. More than anything else, the world will be amazed that the ancient land of Abkhazia was ever chained at the hands of Georgia.

We fight our battle for the brave Abkhaz of the past, those we know and love in the present, and the Abkhazians of the future who the world will know as the greatest civilization to ever exist in Central Asia.
Free Abkhazia from Georgia.
by Abkhazian Warrior May 17, 2009
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