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Abdulmalik is the sweetest man alive he’s independent extremely talented with music(rather obsessed) he’s so good with his fingers in he can play instruments ,he has the kindest heart out there he makes you feel at home ,....he also smells good.
Person A: guuurrreel is that Dalia’s husband ?
Person B:yeah that’s abdulmalik .
by Galaxysushiroll July 02, 2018
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A king, An Emperor, A generous Leader
He always make sure his people are good to go.
When it comes to Love, he loves Unconditionally and perfectly.
If you wanna test his anger, try messing up with his Loved ones

He is our humble and generous king Abdulmalik!.
Abdulmalik is in Love❤️
by Zazurah×Sheikh'Son February 05, 2020
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A guy who thinks too much of himself. Usually gets jealous when others have achieved better than him. The word can also be used for someone who thinks they are sexy.
Jo: He was jealous of me cuz I got an A*
Paul: That's an Abdulmalik
by Abdi!!! March 06, 2019
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