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Abdulahi is a great guy who is smart, strong, popular and he has good breathe but abdulahi is not just looks he protects his family and friends if someone is in trouble he will try his best but when it comes to chicks he can be a little shy but abdulahi can be a bum sometime but if your having trouble with sports he your guy and he is single everyone needs a abdulahi in their life
Abdulahi is lit and everyone should and want a abdulahi in their life
by Kingwagi May 15, 2018
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A poser that thinks he is black when really he is a filthy african from a country like sudan or even somalia. Usually, abdulahi's have large asses and wear gay raptors jackets along with women's reebok bag's.
Man, did you see that guy at Blundell Park...there are so much abdulahi's in this part of town.
by Abdiabdi McAbdikafleeflee April 29, 2008
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He usually has a large wood and can be extremely rude to ppl who pisss him of is a smart guy and also,Last night he probably gave it to ur mum
Abdulahi gave it to ur marj
by RT man June 05, 2018
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