Replacement for the word 'about', used in Liverpool and surrounding areas.
Got footy in abar an hour.
by ScouseImmigrant September 8, 2012
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Last night Jenny was the abar in our Eiffel Tower.
by danns August 25, 2008
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Acronym - Anti-bias and Anti-racism, a holistic approach to unmasking and dismantling inequalities and injustice present in society at large. In education, an approach that centers the experience of BIPOC kids and ensures that they are seen, safe and celebrated.
Her focus as a teacher is to ensure all students feel safe and seen using an ABAR lens.
by oneandfiveandthree June 18, 2020
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Sorry about me... Apologies regarding my being...
Rrrr lad I've spilt me bevy, soz abar me...
I smashed a fuckin wrong'n last night laa, soz abar me...
by InnuendoMusicUK October 26, 2011
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