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An aasim is a protective person when it comes to the people he loves. he is a gentlemen and just knows how to get a girl to hand over her heart to him. he likes spoiling his special someone. he is smart and handsome. if you think hes cute now, wait till you see him in his soccer jersey or when hes playing soccer.
I wish I had an aasim.
by omllllll March 29, 2017
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Slang for a clown or a person who always jokes around. Jokes include saying they have a friend called “you” “my” and “you’re”. Although Aasims are clowns everyone loves them.
Friend 1: Aasim you’re so bad at this game.

Aasim: Yea I know my friend you’re sucks at this game.
by Her killer January 20, 2019
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A serious guy who seems like he calm but really he can switch up at any moment. He's known in the streets but not by the police as he's low-key when he's pushing the kilos. He likes smoking but will never drink. once you lose his trust you'll never get it back.
Yoo aasim is a g

by JAZZYDON May 22, 2018
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