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A guys name. It means "The one" In the languages Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew. Generally someone who holes up a lot of their stress without talking to others. More over a friendly person who cares about everyone and tries to help them solve their problems. Tries to be funny but rarely is, and always bottles up stress. Can be seen as the jealous type.
Hey man, don't be such an aahad, talk to me. stressed
Wow what an aahad move. annoying
That wasn't funny, you're such a aahad. funny
by convo_clasher July 13, 2016
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means the One in arabic; its mean a guy that never talks, always suppresses his feelings. He shows a lot of feminine side and behave as a girl.
'Why wont u talk?? U such Aahad!!'
by angry_bird December 15, 2013
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