Engrish take from Nintendo Pro Wrestling. Used by rohm kiddies and 80s revisionists.
Tom:"I beat THE AMAZON!"
Mark: "Whoa, a winner is you!"
by Yauch November 1, 2003
A phrase taken from a poorly translated SNES game, Nintendo Pro Wrestling, and popularized on the internets.
Here's sum rule 34 on Picard guyz

A winner is you.
by Ninja337 December 27, 2006
a sarcastic remark to someone expressing joy over completing something
HAH! I finally finished that huge book report! I'm SO going to get an A+!

woo yay. a winner is you.
by MY2K February 18, 2004
This comes from the online music video of "We Drink Ritalin" (awesome by the way)

A really ghetto and engrish way of saying "You are the winner!"
Tim: "Yes! I established my spot on that corner next to the elementary! Those kids will do anything for some extra "after school milk".
Me: "Uhhhh...teh winner is you?"
by Bland April 4, 2004