A book written by Philip K. Dick, that was later turned into an animated movie of the same name. Follows the story of a undercover drug detective who ends up getting hooked on the drugs he's fighting. His sacrifice, however, uncovers the terrible truth about an agency that provides drug addicts safe-houses to get off the drug. Fantastic book and great movie. The book is better though. The story was inspired by the 1970s drug culture that Dick participated in. It's dedicated to dozens of his friends that died or were crippled by drug use.
A scanner darkly is a freaky story, makes drugs sound very unappealing.
by commiebobo September 22, 2009
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a digitally animated movie starring Keanu Reeves. Set in near future USA where 20% of the population are addicted to the mind destroying substance D. Arctor (Reeves)is an addict and a undercover police officer attempting to find the suppliers of sub. D though due to the mind splitting effects of the drug he isn't fully aware that he is part of the group of people he is investigating.
man i would sure not want to watch that movie a scanner darkly high.
by myspaced July 11, 2008
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