When you desribe anything to a friend that is deemed to not exist or to be rediculous.
Person 1: The other day I had a sick meal, I had omlette on toast
Person 2: Mate, that's not a thing.

Person 1: I saw a canned chicken today...
Person 2: Why is that even a thing?
by omletteontoast June 10, 2011
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An action, fashion style, philosophy, musical genre, or other popularly recognized subsection of popular culture. Normally used in surprise at it's existence. Becomes official when a wikipedia article is created for it.
"Whats the deal with those skin-tight body suits?"
"Oh, you mean Zentai?
"Huh. I didn't know that was a thing."
by mrpeach32 December 29, 2011
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1. Some form of loosely defined romantic relationship.

2. A crush on someone. Generally preceded by the verb "have."

3. An event, habit, or happening that is special or organized enough to become its own concept. In the wikipedia of your life, this moment has earned a unique article.
1: "I guess Alex is kinda gay now. He and Tony are totally a thing."

2: Man, why you gotta be a dick? You know Alice has had thing for Alex for forever.

Ray: Serious as hell, brochicho! Come join my gym! I'll kick you down some sick Fila duds. This could be a thing.

Beef: Oh man what if this is a thing.
by Indiekid Supremo December 2, 2008
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A thing is a thing. Much like a thing but more thingy.
The thing is brokeen so get the thing to replace the thing because without the thing the thing would not be thingy.
by Thing April 12, 2005
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the act of leaving the room when nobody is paying attention and totally disappearing, leaving your buddies chilling and clueless in your room or house while you do things that are unknown to everybody else.
chillin at wills crib playin black ops with 4 of our buddies

Person A: Dude where did Will go?

Person B: Iono its his greens though.

Person C: He's probably doing will things

Everybody: True
by DjSnowcrab February 8, 2011
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Used to describe a relation between two people who share similar feelings or interests, usually symbolizing unity!
Javier and Minerva are the most dopetastic THING ever!

I wish we were A THING like Javier and Minerva, Im green with envy!
by diamonds_r_4ever July 6, 2009
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