Generally this refers to a behavior exhibited by an influential person (management) contrary to what would be expected of someone in their position. These behaviors are strongly correlated with laziness.

An example of this behavior would be to visit a prostitute and charge it to the company on an expense report. Another example would be to spend an entire work-day on an instant messaging service speaking with various "singles" using quotes like "wanna cyber" and "I'm hot and wet with my door closed" while happily married.
My boss walked in while I was pulling a "Gerardo", he took one look at me and the computer screen and immediately called HR and security.
by Obscene March 19, 2007
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Man I wish I was a Gerardo. I’d let him fuck me!
by Yosssssss June 21, 2019
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Gerardo is sweet, kind, nice, funny,and weird sometimes. But his kisses will melt your heart and you will fall in love with them kisses. He gotta girl already tho! He so kind to her and treats her like his number one queen. He kisses, hugs, and tries to talk to her even tho sometimes she’s nervous he will always know how much she cares about him oh btw he’s hot
Gerardo is cute and funny
by Gerardoiscute March 1, 2019
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by September 29, 2021
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Gerardo is a determined person, he is often very kind and thoughtful and he works hard on himself to become a better version of himself. He has great motives and a great potential. he's not the type who would give up on his dreams easily. Gerardo has a decent sense of humor as well which makes him likable by many. His self-loathing maybe a tad extreme but thats only because he is so determined to at his best.
person 1: "hey man, who's that Gerardo guy everyone keeps talking about."
person 2: "holy fuck Gerardo is a fucking legend and the best artist you could possibly think of out there"
by get the out October 1, 2021
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Gerardo is a common name in mexico and a little hard to pronounce in English for some people so a person named Gerardo is a person who has a big heart likes to run and likes to talk about positivity to he’s friends and is always honest a person called Gerardo likes Green and doesn’t like to be in drama that much he is just a person with honesty and loyalty and respect
Omg my friend Gerardo inspired me to inspire other people and he told me if I ever felt alone to talk to him and he will always be able to help me
by Helpful heart February 8, 2019
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