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An amazing and honest girl. She is beautiful but doesn't see herself as beautiful. She has been through a lot throughout her life and sometimes she breaks down but doesn't let anyone see it. She laughs and jokes around a lot because she doesn't want people to know her true feelings. Shes very mature for her age. Has a pure soul and would never hurt anyone.
Zyla is always laughing at something! I love it!
by Anonymousgorl June 06, 2018
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Extra Cool and Beautiful Smart girls (Generally African American). Zylas are known for embracing all which usually causes competition for a Zyla's attention.
1. On my way to school I try to leave early so I can walk with a Zyla.
2. "I got invited to a Zyla's birthday party. I need to find something super cute to wear. Everyone who's anyone will be there."
3. We I get older. I'm gong to marry a Zyla!
4. Great American Author Rovair said Zyla is what he'd name his daughter.
by Zyla. May 20, 2018
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A zyla is someone you think can be your best friend but ends up betraying you and yes a zyla is sweet at times but then later trades you for another friend
Person 1:What's wrong?
Person 2:my best friend betrayed me!!
Person 1:was her name Zyla?
Person 2:yeah
Person 1: been there
by Zyla August 14, 2017
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