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An amazing and honest girl. She is beautiful but doesn't see herself as beautiful. She has been through a lot throughout her life and sometimes she breaks down but doesn't let anyone see it. She laughs and jokes around a lot because she doesn't want people to know her true feelings. Shes very mature for her age. Has a pure soul and would never hurt anyone.
Zyla is always laughing at something! I love it!
by Anonymousgorl June 06, 2018
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Extra Cool and Beautiful Smart girls (Generally African American). Zylas are known for embracing all which usually causes competition for a Zyla's attention.
1. On my way to school I try to leave early so I can walk with a Zyla.
2. "I got invited to a Zyla's birthday party. I need to find something super cute to wear. Everyone who's anyone will be there."
3. We I get older. I'm gong to marry a Zyla!
4. Great American Author Rovair said Zyla is what he'd name his daughter.
by Zyla. May 20, 2018
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A pure, wholesome soul. Zyla’s are generally unique, just like their name. If you know a Zyla, consider yourself lucky and keep her around. She may not talk a lot and she may be a bit awkward but just know that she cares about you and anything you say. She typically keeps her feelings to herself because she feels as if she’s annoying (even though she’s definitely not). Probably one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet 💜 Has trust issues because of her past, but once she trusts you, she will love you forever.
If you’re feeling down, just text Zyla. That’s my advice to you.
by anogirl<3 March 11, 2019
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A zyla is someone you think can be your best friend but ends up betraying you and yes a zyla is sweet at times but then later trades you for another friend
Person 1:What's wrong?
Person 2:my best friend betrayed me!!
Person 1:was her name Zyla?
Person 2:yeah
Person 1: been there
by Zyla August 14, 2017
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Zyla is an amazing person that could piss you off at any point but can always make it up to you and she is funny as hell. She has long dark brown hair and dark brown hair, and she is beautiful (even if she does not think so ).
Guy 1: Dude you know Madison?
Guy 2: Wait, isnt that Zyla's friend?
Guy 3(Zyla's BF): Don't talk about my hot Girlfriend/s friend!!!!!
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by Kalia55 July 12, 2019
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The most wonderful and coolest friend in the world and she is always there for you.
Hey look she looks wonderful!
Ya she must be a Zyla!
by Mowicket224 November 02, 2019
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Zylas is a bubbly person. She acts maturely and always choose the right decision. She thinks first before acting. She sometimes makes bad choices because of stress. She contains many talents that causes people to envy her. She excels in most fields. Zylas is a quiet person at first but she could be too loud when she is around her friends. All her good qualities show when you actually get to know her.
Zylas is like a surprise.
by Taylor Steindeur September 08, 2019
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