A gorgeouse girl with a huge ass and a bangable body. They are very country at heart. Along with an unique name, Zsanettes are different from anyone else you will ever meet. They are loyal friends but very loud and outspoken.
Boy one: "dang she's got a donk"

Boy two: "she's totes a Zsanette!"
by Wiinteeerr May 03, 2013
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The coolest fucking person even, like literally she's the best girl ever. Also she's hot as hell.
Charlie: Wow Zsanett is the best!! She literally saved my life last week.
Zoe: I know right! Best person to ever exist.
by Jeansbeans June 19, 2021
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The most awesome of all baby girls ever to grace the planet
only my daughter can be a Zsanett
(Pronounce the Zs like an English J like ZsaZsa Gabor)
by Madpiper February 03, 2010
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The most awesome girl on the world. She is really talented, smart, funny and impossibly kind and caring. She has a wonderful personality. You can do nothing else just love her. Her smile can melt the frozen hearts. If you are with her, you won't have a boring day. Trust me. She is infinitely creative, if she figures something out, she will do everything for the success. She is simply awesome!
Look! Ferenczi Zsanett is coming there, she is shining.

Look that beautiful girl. Who is she? She is Zsanett Ferenczi, our new schoolmate.
by catchylooking August 27, 2017
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