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Zotice, is the ancient nefarious God. A demon that walks the Earth. His only focus is his greed, he has no conscious. Zotice is the controller of minds. Be careful when encountering this demon. Zotice will twist all that you perceive as good and make you believe in the opposite.

Any who idolizes this demon (according to ancient mythology) will end up in the lake of fire, burning for eternity, as his slave. There is vary little information on this demon, this makes it easy for him to corrupt the innocent. Zotice is said to appere often in dreams, and sometimes in human form. If he is in human form you may never no. Zotice is known for his lies, and manipulation.
Zotice is often compared and confused with other demon's such as the demon Vetis.
by Ratsu February 25, 2013
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