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An older woman unfamiliar with the ways of a wild cougar. She settled for men her own age even if they aren’t in her same league.
A hunter must be bolder around a Zoo Cougar since they are tamer and might not even recognize a younger man as prey at first.
by Training Cougar Hunter July 29, 2009
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A woman in her late-thirties/early forties who finds herself single after several years of marriage (ususally not of her own choosing) who has no idea that men find her attractive, esp. younger men or 'cougar bait.' Her years in 'captivity' have stripped her of her ability to flirt and land men, even when they 'lay at her feet, like a deer baring it's neck'
"OMG, I can't get that chick's attention"

"She's a Zoo Cougar"

by notacougar70 April 22, 2010
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a formerly attractive wife who now lives off her ex husband. much like the caged big cats at the zoo who merely pace back and forth in their cages, unable to hunt or fend for themselves in the wild and live off of meat thrown in the cage; generally fat and lazy
"she was hot back when she was married but now she's just a zoo cougar"
by plstxmd March 09, 2009
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