n- A sweet group of kids that love to bang and watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

v- To place a girl in a cage and get everyone to stick their dicks in the holes of the cage, and when the girl is done with the dicks, roll the girl down the hill in the cage.
"The Zoo Crew is so good at banging."

"Did you see that girl at the bottom of the hill, she must have got zoo crewed."
by Zoo Crew February 15, 2007
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a group of teenagers that reside in seattle, wa. In the summer months they can be constantly found in the lovely park next to the zoo. doing what??

drinking beers, beers, beers.
smoking weed, weed, weed.
"I wish that i could be in the zoo crew!!"
"Well, why dont you stop by the park then, they'll probably smoke you a bowl."
by bbbeeer January 31, 2007
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A Crew that originated in the slumz of maplewood watervliet. Founded by Magic and Lucci . Shaker high school is very afraid of this well acclaimed "crew". if you see rosaries , please run . this group is known to be very dangerous . Just ask mohammed. he got slumped in the woods.
hey bill! the zoo crew is coming , hide your jewelry and cash!
by spongedoodlebob January 23, 2011
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A job in Lincoln Nebraska for kids to volunteer to work at the zoo
Hey mom! i made it into zoo crew!
by Bugalicious July 16, 2006
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additional types of people who
look like animals.
for example of zoo crew
michelle looks like a frog
erika looks like a pig
ganessa looks like a flamingo
myda looks like a rat
by EssentialQuestions December 13, 2007
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