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Zonja is a beautiful girl, in both looks and soul. She loves to make great memories and think back about old ones. She is fearless and will always go after what she wants. Every guy wants to be with her, but she friend zones them, breaking hundreds of hearts in order to get the one guy she's got her eye on. She's a very loyal friend, girlfriend and wife and everybody loves her!!!!!!!!! (except Bob)
Bob: Hey Zonja, I don't like you
Jimmy: Shut up Bob, everybody loves Zonja and everyone hates you
Zonja: Sorry Jimmy, not interested. I got my eyes on one man and one man only
Jimmy cries
by Jonah Ja'mie Mr G October 21, 2018
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Zonja is an amazing person! Someone who is always on the move to catch their dream. Strong, Amazing character, never gives up on anything they love. A great friend to anyone and an awesome puerto rican! They are always laughing and a ton of fun with! :P Zonja is someone that is a role model and can always count on. zonja is someone who is all around good at everything! Usually with dark brown hair who is always beautiful :) def a model!
zonja is someone who is always on the move doing what they love and always following their dreams. A hardworker and def a one of a kind....hard to find :)
by bball player March 16, 2011
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