1) A follower of right wing, conservative ideology that follows, spreads and repeats the panderings of radio talk show hosts such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter without question.

2) One who over-utilizes things that he has heard on Fox News or conservative talk radio, especially the frequent misuse of the word "liberal".
Bob listens to so much Rush Limbaugh, that you can't even bring up politics without him saying 'Liberal this! and 'Liberal that!', he's like another of those mindless Zombie-Con's.
by Mr Maldrex January 30, 2008
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someone who, at a convention of some sort, doesn't get a hotel room OR does not sleep for most of or the entirety of the event.
if you go to the naka-kon hotel lobby at around 6 am, you'll see plenty of con zombies wandering around and napping on couches.
by jewissss February 21, 2011
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