Often shortened to zomberious, zombie serious is the sheer pinnacle of serious.There is no seriousness more serious than zombie serious.

Consider the zombie at work:

A zombie is out for one thing: to kill and eat the flesh of other living creatures, usually humans. There is no bullshit with the zombie - Straight to the task at hand. The zombie's own decaying flesh wont even stop him. You could even chop his legs off and he would crawl to his victim. Talk about dedication! He doesn't care if he looks or smells like shit. A zombie is out there mindlessly sweeping the streets like a roomba vacuum until he finds living flesh, at which point it is on like Donkey Kong!

Other monsters have mixed motives...

Consider Dracula, who lives in a lavish castle and clothes himself with fancy capes. Dracula seldom returns to his coffin without applying Crest White Strips, as he finds yellow fangs repulsive. Speaking of repulsive, Dracula allows garlic to get between him and his blood. And then there's all of the hair product he refuses to leave home without (not to mention all of that pendant bling). What a pretty boy! If he wasn't so pale, Frankenstein would probably call Dracula the Guido of monsters. What a shame.

When are you going to let up with your mindless GILF hunting? You're zombie serious about GILFS. Get a life!
by Stayman September 09, 2008
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