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A fun and highly intelligent girl, who can make people laugh even in the darkest days. Her high level of intelligence attracts all the teachers and she is very popular due to her grades. Her best subject will have to be all of them because she is good at EVERYTHING she does. Along with her smarts, she is also given the gift of beauty. She is very pretty, compared to her friends. She can befriend anyone (male or female), but looks for 6 points. If the person makes all points, she makes them her friend, but that is very unlikely. The person that will meet all these points will soon be on their way into her heart. She is usually stuck when it comes to friends and makes her decisions very carefully, while giving them a lot of thought. Many whom she meets, are people who she is internally forced to be with because otherwise she won't have any friends. She is very wise and a good person to come for advice to. When making any decision, she looks at how it will affect her grades. Grades are above a lot of things that she likes. She is popular than all of her friends and will get mad easily. She hates people who are 2 faced and look at their advantages of doing something instead of the bigger picture. Don't call her a bad word because she is likely to destroy your social image and you will end up in big trouble! I you see her, try to be friends with her and if you are, then you are lucky!
1) I wish I were friends with Zoha.
2) Wow, look at your grades! You were partners with Zoha, what else do you expect?
3) Go to Zoha's house and study for that science test. You are bound to get a good mark!
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by Fast Sloth May 15, 2018
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Someone aggressive but caring she will always be there for her friends and her cousins lol she loves to eat food like bruh who doesn't, she is known to be funny but sometimes needs her own time without other people.
You are sooooooo Zoha
by APotato:> June 23, 2018
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Someone with immense beauty who is flawed with an aggressive nature. This person uses her looks and anger to destroy those who let her.
1) Iv fallen victim to a 'Zoha'
2) You look 'Zoha'd' out
3) Be careful, i sense some 'Zoha' in her.
by utaka2009 November 14, 2009
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A VERY annoying person/friend. She sings A LOT and it can get annoying. She is annoying. You either love her or you hate her. Most people tend to hate her...she's very short. If she's 13 years old, she'd have the height of a 10 year old. Her hair is very, uh...long and she doesn't take care of it. However, if you're simply acquaintances with her, you'll like her. She's generally nice and fun to hang out with.
Zohas annoying.
by pllxtvd June 10, 2017
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