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Someone aggressive but caring she will always be there for her friends and her cousins lol she loves to eat food like bruh who doesn't, she is known to be funny but sometimes needs her own time without other people.
You are sooooooo Zoha
by APotato:> June 23, 2018
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Someone with immense beauty who is flawed with an aggressive nature. This person uses her looks and anger to destroy those who let her.
1) Iv fallen victim to a 'Zoha'
2) You look 'Zoha'd' out
3) Be careful, i sense some 'Zoha' in her.
by utaka2009 November 14, 2009
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Zoha is the name of one of the best girls in the world. The other definition for Zoha on here was disappointing so I’ve decided to make my own. The Zo I know personally is literally the sweetest, most caring, precious and gorgeous girl in the world. I’m sure other Zoha’s can relate. Like seriously, who gives endless love and support to some retard thats obsessed with a splatoon manga..? Anyways Zoha will always be there for you as a shoulder to cry on, someone to create priceless memories with or even have 10 hour long convos with. Zoha is bound to leave your lungs aching after a convo with them just because of how fucking funny they are. Its hard to put into fluent words just how stunning Zoha is, but go try to be friends with a Zoha yourself, you wont regret it.
you know that girl Zoha.. bro anyone thats her friend or s/o better understand how got damn lucky they are to have her or else im going to personally tear their spinal cord into two.
by hachii <3 June 08, 2020
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Zoha is a sweet, loving and kind person. She is always there for you. She is the kind of person who will respond to your texts quickly, wait for you to tie your shoes and talk to you when no one else will. If you hurt her she will completely cut you off and act like she never knew you. She is a very defensive person in cases where she gets hurt. A Zoha will always be there for you and no matter what she will always talk to you.
Aw thank you for being like a Zoha
by Valentine's definitions December 02, 2020
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A beautiful soul so caring and nice has a booty always cares for everyone but need space sometimes
Zoha is so nice
by Sweetbabyyyy June 20, 2020
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Someone who is really into skater boys. like seriously. she's into skater boys. Her aesthetic is usually consisting of y2k, and she wears a lot of y2k style clothes. She listens to music while staring at her ceiling A LOt.
Skater boys are so cute
Wow you're acting like a Zoha
by Saps:D June 13, 2020
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