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one of the three types of devil fruit in the popular manga one piece. these fruits allows the user to transform into a particular species, if they are eaten by their named species they have no effect
Human-Human Fruit eaten by Tony Tony Chopper the straw hats first and only zoan user
by K.O.O.P Aussie June 15, 2013
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cases: zoan (present tense verb), zoaned *zo-and* (past tense verb), zoanic *zo-aynic* (adjective)

to zoan, is to ponder something radically fantastic (in most cases also unrealistic)

to have zoaned is to concieve the final product of the amazing pondering. if your zoaning hasn't yet resulted in a final zoanic thought or idea then you would say "i was zoaning" as opposed to "i zoaned"

zoanic the describing word describing an idea that was zoaned or something that could have been zoaned but achieved through mere imagining
i'm zoaning a mystical creature that lives in the earths core. its a living tree that's flowers are intense 100000000 degree celcius flowers

the name is derived from two brilliant zoanic geniuses of contemplative awesomeness
by Boofah September 19, 2010
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