When you meet a Zoë they usually come off as shy at first. But then as you get to know them, you can find out how weird, fiery and wild they can be.
Many Zoë's are very motherly or caring but aren't afraid to beat someone's ass if they need too.
Zoë's are creative, and have a great sense of humor. They're very passionate and have an awesome taste in music.
But be warned, even though Zoë's tend to like their friends no matter how many or little may have, they will roast you if needed or blow you off if they find a great new show on Netflix they need to catch up on.
friend: zoë, do you want to hang out?
zoë: can't i'm busy. *scrolls through cat videos*
by hoey101 March 15, 2016
Zoë - the best species ever to walk the planet

They always are drop dead gorgeous with big brown eyes and an eye boggling smile . Their fashion sense is unique and original whilst keeping up to date with the newest trends.

A Zoë's humor is one to behold. It is dark like the night sky, yet ridiculously funny to those who get it. True sarcasm is in there DNA and dad jokes are just not on the table.

Zoë's are normally great caring friends who have high expectations of there friends and themselves when it comes to gossiping and bitching. They try not to bitch most of the time but hey a whole species gotta have its flaws .

They are romantic and faithful in a relationship and are great girlfriend material. They also are slightly quick to fall in love but when they do u can see it in there eyes.

Zoë's are a highly developed species that are extremely intelligent . They are brilliant at expressing themselves and analyzing situations. They also have a great amount of emotional intelligence which can make them short tempered and irritant. Zoë's always endeavour and persevere to the very end.

They give the impression of strong and fearless although they might not always feel it. They are also quite self-conscious and care what others think. They are brilliant dancers and always have ability to flow make things flow although there not the most flexible.

Although i could go on and on I wont here is a brief description of the species of Zoë
Zoë is awesome
by simon from clapham / Lola July 31, 2018
A kickass lady who doesn't care what other people say about her. She laughs at everything all the time but can be serious too. She the most intelligent girl she can do whatever she want to. She got a big booty and she don't care who sees it. She's kind yet bossy.

Aka: Megabitch

It's not Zoe, or Zoey, or Zoee, or Zooey, ITS ZOË! Get it right bitches.
by Megabitch December 1, 2016
The name of someone who will kill you if you forget the two dots above the e
Who’s that?
That’s Zoe
Zoë: ItS zOë WiTh TwO dOtS
by Zoe is annoying March 6, 2020
A beautiful girl who is athletic, funny, cute, and you will awe at her beauty
Zoë is the best! I wish I was dating her
by MrMr.MarchyMarchy April 10, 2014
Zoë is a girl who you should not loose. Other girls want to steal her for themselves since she is so amazing. She should stick with the people who she used to hang out with/is hanging out with. Some advise for her is to not let her friends go because soon she is going to loose them
by People1202 October 20, 2019
A Zoë is someone who is always kind, and beautiful inside and out.
A Zoë can be a red brunette or a blonde but either way you know it is a Zoë.

A Zoë can sometimes come across as really hyper and an extrovert or shy and an introvert but once you get to know them, they can be either. They are a fun loving girl and fragile who cares about everyone and everything.

Never let go of a Zoë, they are rare!
( Zoë sitting with an upset friend in the corner...)
Random person-“ who is that lovely girl over there?”
Zoë’s friend- “that’s Zoë for you”
Random person- “ I need a Zoë!!!!”
by Beanie cat December 17, 2018