A large gaggle/grouping of Asian Americans, often seen clogging starbucks and the interior of public libraries. "Zip Zap" refers to the speed of your average Asian, who performs tasks like arithmetic and sweatshop labor with the quickness of speed racer.
Average White Guy #1: Yo I'm gonna go finish my project at the library, its due soon.

Average White Guy #2: Naw man, its 2PM; the library is already bursting at the seams with asians.

Average White Guy #1: Goddamn Zip Zaps!
by chen10 September 22, 2014
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A newly coined interjection which is a healthy and satisfactory alternative to cussing. It contains such elements as a sharp consenant sound (much like the F word, with the c-k sound, or the s word with the i-t sound.) It is said that people benefit by using this word because the said people are usually deemed funny-man status, while still hanging on to the respect of those who are impartial to more drastic curing.
Aww man, I Just dropped my muffin, ZIP ZAP!
by marcky_barcky March 21, 2009
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