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(1) n. A witty comeback or clever insult considered worthy of note, often hailed with the return salute, "Zinga!" by a dazzled fan that has heard it.
Erick: "That game was fantastic last night!"

Matt: "Your Mom was fantastic last night."

Admiring Fan: "Oh! ZINGA!"
by Mem's Mom January 27, 2009
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doing some lines of cocaine,or any drug up your nose.
Hey guys i did some zinga's last night i was a big mess.
by corey moniz April 16, 2008
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Zinga is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. Full of personality and optimism. Very social, because she's the happiest when everyone is enjoying themselves. Cool as hell, but don't EVER cross her. Her temper is something no one wants to run into. But she's the best friend you'll ever have if you show her the loyalty she shows to you. She's funny, enthusiastic, intelligent, & blunt. Get you a Zinga, she poppin'.
Hey , let's call Zinga she always has a wave.

Me and Zinga are going out to eat.
Hey, Zack meet Zinga, the best person ever.
by thebest___ June 18, 2018
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