He’s really nice and sweet and he’s funny and everybody loves him. He’s good at basketball and 2k and making me smile❤️. he has really pretty eyes. anyways he’s really smart and sweet and nice and cute and if you ever meet hume you’re blessed😌
person 1: hey did you meet Zien?
person 2: yeah he’s amazing

person 3: yah i love him❤️
person 1: oh shut up sara
by haaappie45678 August 28, 2021
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A total p-i-m-p with tons of hookups to anything one would want; someone who is a part of a very glamorous lifestyle.
Man... that guy could have been a Zien, he knew everybody in the place, got a perfect table, and didn't even need a reservation!
by Trey L. April 19, 2006
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A salty Arsenal fan who on the inside knows Arsenal are shit and are gonna lose the Europa league final to Chelsea. A try hard at soccer who tries to do skills with a 10% success rate, However thinks he is too good for IFC. Pretty tall and noticeable as it is impossible for him to keep his mouth shut for one minute. Hates English but supposedly has a thing for Ms.Beatty. Most likely was adopted but can’t confirm. Pretty popular. Eats salad at times in Class to try and get a 6 pack. Close friends include Adham, Shaminth, Ahmed, Masoud and so on.
Substitute teacher: ZIEN

ZIEN: (not bothering to correct her for pronouncing his name wrong) HERE
by _whiteboyal_ May 21, 2019
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