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a cave troll who comes down from the mountains once a year to feast upon new born babies.
Damn that Zielinski just ate my baby
by mike zielinski April 30, 2007
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Mountain Troll typically known for eating babies and small children. Recent research however has revealed that this is usually not the case but as human encroachment continues to demolish their hunting grounds at the base of mountains some have been taking advantage of the fact that defenseless babies are easy prey. During rutting season is the most dangerous time to be around a Zielinski as they become more territorial than usual and the males most often fight ferociously to impress the females. Often is the defeated male left with painful wounds which can sometimes be fatal.
Biologist-1: Look over there! those two Zielinski males are fighting for the mating rights of that female over on the hill!

Biologist-2: Oh my goodness the one just got his face smashed with a boulder. the blood is Everywhere!
by Nick Zielinski August 12, 2012
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