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Zeuenstein is the online gaming handle of an infamous player and troll of various First Person Shooter (FPS) games who has been active since the late 1990's.

Zeusenstein is famous for being highly skilled and erratic, sometimes sabotaging the efforts of his own team and at others dominating game play. Zeusenstein has been active in various First Person Shooter games across various consoles. Some notable games in which he has been spotted are Doom, Quake, Halo PC, Unreal Tournament and the entire Call of Duty series.

He will belittle and harass his own team, team kill and block them into corners putting his own team very far behind only to come back and dominate the other team.

Sometimes voice chat will be used where he generally speaks nonsense. He has at times convinced opposing teams to let him "hang out" at their spawn points and has spent entire games at the enemie's flag on capture the flag game modes holding off from obtaining a single kill.

When he appears to be actually playing the game, he is able to dominate with little effort. Known for a "rush in and kill" game style relying heavily on his quick reaction speed and ability to outgun multiple opponents simultaneously out in the open.

It is said he may possibly be the best first person shooter gamer of all time, though often erratic behavior for his own entertainment prevents any kind of official accolade.
You just killed their entire team without being hit, you zeusensteined those guys.
by pestering_hammer June 03, 2014
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