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A fine ass sexy hunk with long pretty eye lashes and a smile that shines so bright. A guy that you just can't get out of your head and, when in sight, are tempted to have your googly eyes all over.
Girl 1: Wow! Who is that guy who just walked in?
Girl 2: Oh that's Zeshan, isn't he just dreamy?
Girl 1: Gurl, introduce me! I have to meet him..I can tell he's a one in a million type of guy.
by Its-Googly-Eyes January 06, 2014
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The weird kid that will turn out to be a terrorist sooner or later
Boy1: Hey, why is Zeshan running through the hallway?
Boy2: Dunno, man. Hey, is that a bomb strapped on him?
by tuxedoMAN February 19, 2013
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A rude concieded jerk, who thinks he is always right. Name comes from Middle East. Zeshan needs to constantly think he is better than everyone else or his fragile ego will be hurt. Has a very hard time forgiving and trusting and is very bad at pranks, u must be careful though because you would never want to hurt Zeshan because he is also very charming, and a very big flirt. You must be sure to stay away from Zeshan because he hurts most people he meets
"Did you see what he did to that girl? That's a true Zeshan"
by _truth_revealed January 06, 2014
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