telling others that you are a pro (usually in a game) because you didnt die even once (usually sarcasm)
PewDiePie after dying in a game - "zero deaths everybody,zero deaths"
by iZ3RO October 21, 2017
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A kill in smash brothers where you take 0% and KO the opponent
I got a sweet zero-to-death combo today it was great!
by tacotacogod March 28, 2019
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A zero-to-death combo, commonly referred to as a zero-death or 0-death for short, is a combo, usually particularly long and intricate, that starts on an opponent at 0% damage, and ends with the eventual KO of the character being comboed.
Bro! I totally Zero to Death you with the Captain Falcon last game! lol
by Zero2Death October 30, 2018
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