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A Zerah is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She never fails to make you laugh on a daily and is wild, energetic, crazy, random, and a little odd at times. Most of her days consist of her making other people laugh. But when she is not in the mood, she is not in the mood. And you can see all over her face what type of day she is having. She can be a bitch and boring at times when she is upset. But she can’t stay mad for long because one small thing can make her laugh. She is often called annoying at times for her attitude or personality. But Zerah often just throws her chopsticks and middle finger up at her haters. Although she tries to act tough, when she goes home she just wants to kill herself. She always seems to like guys more than they like her. When she falls in love she falls hard, and can’t stop. A Zerah will be stuck in the past most days and compare her current life to old memories. She is often attracted to people that she can’t have. But will forgive the guy that broke her heart. She will make an effort to buy you your favorite candy or drink just to show that she appreciates you. A Zerah is often not skilled very much athletically. Especially in volleyball. She is teased for her lack of skill in volleyball and she will be told she sucks. But she doesn’t argue back because she knows it’s true. Life without a Zerah would be boring as hell.
Hey look Suzanne I just saw a Zerah cross the border and she had a bag of skittles in her hand!!!
by Orange bananers February 05, 2018
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