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Zenia's are incredibe women with a great sense of humor, a lot of confidence and are very fun to be around. It may take a while for you to get to know them, but believe me, it will be worth it!
They are also awsomely hot with great bodies and are amazing at all the sexual stuff.
Woah, Zenia is awsome! I wish i was more like her.
by ettolrahc44 April 29, 2010
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A woman who betrays other women by appealing to their desires. An equally powerful and evil post-feminist woman. Inspired by the character from Margaret Atwood's "The Robber Bride". She is both admired and feared at the same time, she is at once beauty and monstrosity.
That woman befriended me, only to steal my husband. Who knew she was such a Zenia?
by Tamumba March 21, 2008
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Usually there are two types of Zenia's.... a cool skinny one... or big black gorilla lookin one. The cool skinny one like to mind her buisness nd is a all-around chill chick that nobody could rele hate.. The other type of Zenia however, tends to be NOSY as hell. Usually is extremely hairy and never attracts peopls of the opposite sex. Usually has horrible hygeine and smells similar to an African tribe that do not shower. Most of the time you catch this rare form of person with white out on their toes or fingers... NEVER goe to a beauty salon.. nd is just a wierdo dat b askin dickhead ass questions. Thats pretty much it though.
Ayyo.. shav your arm Zenia.

Why do it smell like gas station bathroom in here, oo dats just Zenia.

Close your fckin legs Zenia.
by uualrede101 September 24, 2010
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