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Intensely delicious pancakes originally made by Ralph Drabble. Used in the treatment of his wife, June's, intense depressions. Usually eaten after June has been very sad but also by other members of the family. Ralph always says "Pancakes make people happy!" They are impossible to resist. They are usually covered in white and dark chocolate and often served with syrup and butter. The effects do not last long but they are delicious. If you want something that will really get you un-sad, try Zebra Pancakes - remember, Ralph Drabble told you!
Ralph: You look a little sad, honeybunch. I know what'll get you going! How about some Zebra Pancakes?

June: Zebra Pancakes? What in the world are they?

Ralph: You've eaten these before. Remember those great pancakes I make you when you're sad. Those are Zebra Pancakes. (he starts making some) After all, pancakes make people happy! You can't resist these.

Beatrice: Zebra Pancakes?! Oh man, a Gunny Granny could be proud of those. See this? (she points to the referee shirt she's wearing) Now, if you're gonna call it a Zebra Pancake, you've got to be dressed as a zebra!

Ralph: Here, taste these! Sweet, isn't it? Even someone who isn't sad should eat my Zebra Pancakes.

Opal: Hello sweetie. Are you eating Zebra Pancakes? I want some, too. Earl almost made me cry today.

Ralph: Here, give these a try.

June: Gee, pancakes do make you happy! Even though the effects don't last long.

Earl: Whoah, she's right. These Zebra Pancakes are awesome! They'll make you a zippy zebra in no time. I'll take seconds! (they all take seconds)

Ralph: I told you so! Zebra Pancakes rule!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 18, 2011
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