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-Arabic name, meaning someone/something providing beauty
-Derived from the word zeenat which means beauty
These contacts look so zayna on you
by diya55 September 01, 2006
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Zayna is a really pretty girl. She often has dark hair to match her gorgeous eyes and is extremely intelligent. She’s a keeper, too. If she loves you, she will love you and only you unconditionally. She’s not too fond of sports, but her favourite sport is cross country as her long legs make her able to sprint faster than most people. If you find a Zayna, don’t let her go!
Person 1: “Woah! Who’s that?!”
Person 2: “She must be Zayna.”
Person 1: “That’s such a pretty name!”
Person 2: “Her name is pretty, but she’s prettier!”
by iloveyoubutyoudontlovemeback October 20, 2019
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An extraordinarily hot girl, usually Arab, often has dark hair, very intelligent, is very hard to get her to like you and probably will never even consider going out with you and especially not anyone named Reza.
Reza: Dude, Zayna is so hot! I mean look at her figure!
Aimee: Yeah, she's hot.
Reza: She will never go out with me, will she?
Aimee: You have no chance.
by Eruth August 31, 2012
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A beautiful girl who is always up for a good time...Weather it be outside skateboarding, or in the bed...A little slutty with a dirty mind, but deffantially NOT EASY! You know her, you love her. She is easy going, and never looks back...Lives life to the fullest! Looks a little bit dark, but you have to know the real her...Always Good With A Steven.
person1:I think Im in love.
person2:What is she like?
person1:She is a total Zayna
person2:Man, your lucky!
by ThatSkaterDude February 11, 2010
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A very intelligent girl with a creative mind. Somewhat athletic and is an OUTSTANDING swimmer. Easy to get along with. A little shy but very outgoing. Loves her cousins and to hang out with them. Plays multiple instruments and LOVES to skateboard.
Person 1: Hey Zayna! How was the skate park?
Zayna: Pretty epic! Hey, let’s go down the shore. I heard the waves are pretty monstrous today. And we can pray us our volleyball!
Person 1: I’m down.

Another ex:

Skateboarder: That girl is so good. She’s such a Zayna. AND SHES A LIFEGUARD TOO!
by I dont care about my pseudonym September 17, 2019
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A girl that looks the best in the room she is the nices ever and also would be really good with a David
David: yoo you know zayna

Coner: ya

David: I'm fucking dating her I'm sooooo lucky

Coner: Damn ok ok
by Nigger456782537 November 16, 2019
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