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Zafirah is a rare name with the meaning of victorious. It sometimes means Screaming witch.

The female called Zafirah will be very pretty and funny. She is genuinely smart.
She is just, amazing.
I'm Zafirah, and no I'm not an angel
by Epical Fangirl February 18, 2013
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Loving, caring crazy and warm she might be MAD like me I am a Zafirah so my definition is she loves to help she cares she can be mean at times but she can be moody she is an intelligent and dedicated she is beautiful warm kind and a good friend keep her friendship depends on the type of Zafirah she is.
She is awesome
Someone 1: Who is she? She is so kind and awesome

Someone 2: She is Zafirah
by Slay love xxxtentacion March 05, 2019
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