She the best friend anyone could have she'll stay with you through thick and thin y'all might get mad at each other but she forgives you.
by Cheybugg03 July 28, 2019
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Ash: youre the most amazing person to ever exist
Zadie: i know right, just look at me - all amazing n shit.
by ashyooo October 7, 2011
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She is the best girlfriend. And the happiest person on earth. She is extremely CUTE and funny. Who ever meets a Zadie should flip for her when you look at her face.
A GUY -"Hey dude, it's your girlfriend Zadie!"

Another GUY- " OH yeah!?"

A GUY- " You should ask her out on your first date!

Another GUY -"I have already done that and it was easy peasy lemon breazy ."

A GUY -"Wow, I wish that i have a girlfriend now."
by L.A. LOVE May 13, 2015
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the best girl ever!! if you have a Zadie in your life you are so lucky and do whatever you have to to keep her in your life. She is a princess and should be treated like one. She loves god, animals,her friends, social media, her family, and cheer. She is so beautiful and precious don’t ever let her go.
Guy: “Damn is that Zadie.”
Guy 2: “Holy Shit. She lookin fine”
Girl: “yup that’s my bestie fo so
Zadie: **sassy but classy walk down the halls**
by _Stingray_Allstars_Zadie_ September 27, 2018
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Zadie is the sweetest girl ever! She loves her friends and family, especially her siblings. She is generous and beautiful as heck! If you have her, keep her or you will regret it!
Guy: Whoa, who is that? She’s hot.
Guy2: That’s Zadie the new girl. She’s so hot.
by Kampkat March 29, 2020
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zadie is the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet, she is kind, patient, smart, and is drawn to any instrument she can get her hands on. although she can be a good friend and your most loyal, but she does often overthink at times but that’s only due to her traumatic past with family and friends and mental problems, so make sure to give zadie lots of love and care because she will not always show it but she needs it. she’s the best girlfriend and will love you for as long as you stay by her side. zadie is the best person to do new things with bc she’s adventurous and curious and will make anything fun. she’s my best friend and my wife fr and she loves the smell of adrian’s armpits (and his curly hair and funny laugh)
“i need myself a zadie in my life to hold and kiss and hug and give cuddwlssssss”

“dude zadie takes massive shits in my bathroom 😼🙀👐🏽👐🏽
by cbaustrk November 22, 2021
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An amazing person loved by all. She is a lit god.🔥 She enjoys reading especially percy jackson. She sometimes goes by BETHANYYYYYYYYY. SKSKSKSKSKSKS save the TURNIPS
by Paininthebutt October 6, 2019
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