A gay hobo who likes to suck dick and also says "YEA BOYS", his special ability is to camouflage in the dark. You only see his white teeth and eyes. He is a famous person from the band 8MPo ROCKS ! and his hit single is "I just went through puberty"
Look i see floating teeth, its a ZAAL !
by Goldie568 November 12, 2013
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Zaal is a gay faggot who lives in Singapore, he likes to show his 2-inch dick to people in his condo and claims that its above average. He has a strange addiction to airplanes and being rejected by them. He also is a renowned Agario god. He also lives to watch vidoes of young children running around.
by tREE???TDSAF May 22, 2023
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Zaal is a sex machine he cant stop, he wont stop.

Zaal is the kind of guy that likes other guys.
hes gay gayer then a straight person.

I would fuck zaal
ask ansh, he knows
by jhonmayers May 22, 2023
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