It is the stand of Okuyasu Nijimura from Jojo's bizarre adventure. It has close range and great strength and its main ability is to erase things with a swipe of his right hand, it can erase even space. One example of its uses is to erase the space between the user and an enemy to bring it in the user's range.
Okuyasu: Oi Josuke, I used my stand ZA HANDO to erase my ribcage. Now I've achieved a new state of power, I'm now Okuyashoe!!! Isn't that wacky?
Josuke: Okuyasu wait, now how can you breath without your ribcage? You now my Crazy Diamond can't fix that!!!!
Okuyasu: Don't worry, I'll erase yours too so you'll become Shoeske!!!!
Josuke: Okuyasu noooooooooo!!!!!
by BerserkJaimeModeON February 15, 2020
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Okuyasu Nijimura's stand. It can erase literally anything that its right hand touches when it does a swiping motion.
"Oi Josuke! I used 「ZA HANDO」 to erase JoJo Friday! Please don't tell r/shitpostcrusaders"
by OI JOSUKE December 27, 2019
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Za Hando Za Warudo or in english, The Hand The World reffers to Okuyasu trying to time stop but failed and apologizes, why he tried to because he got concerned of Jotaro stopping time by saying Star Platinum The World!.
Okyasu: Za Hando Za warudo
Okuyasu: Sorry.. my bad..
by lemonsxeed September 3, 2020
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The act of beating the meat of an alternate version of yourself
-I'm tired of beating my meat....D4C: Za hando!
by Armitroni May 3, 2020
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The act of beating the meat of an alternate version of yourself
gf: asked me what can i do with my hands

Me: D4C: Za hando
by Armitroni May 3, 2020
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Star Platinum: Za Hando

The act of beating your meat so fast and so hard that your dick gets erased from reality
Friend: asks me what will do on Valentine's Day* Me: star platinum : za hando
by Not_VineOG February 28, 2020
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Oi Josuke I used za hando to scrape away my will to live

Oi Josuke I used the Hando to Cock and ball torture now isn’t that crazy
Oi josuke I used za hando to get rid of any evidence that I exist now the government can’t tax me but why does it smell like anthrax

Oi Josuke I used za hando to jack off and accidentally erased my Cock and ball now isn’t that crazy
by Za hando January 11, 2021