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It is the stand of Okuyasu Nijimura from Jojo's bizarre adventure. It has close range and great strength and its main ability is to erase things with a swipe of his right hand, it can erase even space. One example of its uses is to erase the space between the user and an enemy to bring it in the user's range.
Okuyasu: Oi Josuke, I used my stand ZA HANDO to erase my ribcage. Now I've achieved a new state of power, I'm now Okuyashoe!!! Isn't that wacky?
Josuke: Okuyasu wait, now how can you breath without your ribcage? You now my Crazy Diamond can't fix that!!!!
Okuyasu: Don't worry, I'll erase yours too so you'll become Shoeske!!!!
Josuke: Okuyasu noooooooooo!!!!!
by BerserkJaimeModeON February 14, 2020
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