1. a super exaggeration of humungous boobs.

2. Means you need to get a major boob reduction. Your boobs probably sag to the floor if you have a Z-Cup.

3. The size guys wish their balls were.
1. "Woah look at her boobs! They're like a z-cup!"
2. "Hey you, get a reduction!"
3. "Damn! Her boobs reach my balls and she doesn't even have to bend!...it's amazing!"
by the orgasmic french fries January 9, 2010
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An angular menstrual cup by Lemme Be which has a protruding belly and longer stem which looks super cool, comes in 3 colours, and 2 sizes. Oh, and because it's sustainable and reusable, you save the environment too.
Yo, check out my Pride Z-Cup! It's rainbow-colored and looks so cool. It's damn comfy and I use it for more than 8 hours man
by lemme be January 5, 2023
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