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Perfection, the greatest person alive. If you don't have a friend named Yulissa, you better get one. Yulissa is the greatest friend you could ask for. Kty.
BEHOLD. THE YULISSINATOR. Yulissa. Funny. Amazing. Perfect.
by Sakurafurry March 14, 2013
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Yulissa is the most beautiful and most sweetest girl in the world, everyone needs her in their lives because she is so amazing and honest. Anybody would be absolutely lucky to have her. She's so hot! She is nice to everyone and loves everyone! She is perfect in every way and she listens to her friends or anyone when they are having a hard time, she is there for everyone and when she falls in love it is going to change her life but not the person she is.. she is a beautiful person in everything unless you mess with her than it would be the total opposite and you would die but other than that she's Yulissa and everyone loves her
Yulissa is so cool, she helped me a lot by giving me really good advise! I love her she's so amazing
by Bodakwack July 31, 2017
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The baddest bitch you'll ever see , nice body, got hands , scary past but still rising, and don't give a fuck bout what bitches think of her !! Get mad easily but its useful at times, tends to hurt a lot if peoples feelings but if she means it she don't give a fuck . Pretty AND mean but doesn't care!
Don't mess with yulissa cuz she going beat your ass!!!!
by Zodiacbitch October 22, 2017
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A weirdo doesnt have friends she is not a likeable person she has alot of drama and cant fight she thinks shes better than everybody lies about everything not cute
Don't be like Yulissa, she's a weirdo.
by unknownsource398 October 29, 2018
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