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Yude is a word derived from the ancient Egyptian term Udjat.
The Udjat was regarded as a powerful protective amulet; it is frequently found in tombs, on coffins and on the seal which was placed over the incision in the mummy through which the internal organs were removed.
"Dude look at that Yude over there!"
"Oh wow! I'd tap that Yude any day!"
by ____o February 19, 2009
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The 21st century version of the contemporary "dude" being attributed to the internet social networking revolution kick started by Yahoo. Thus named 'Yude' meaning someone who is happening, sophisticated, internet geek, into rock and very 21st century.
If you see someone who just stand's apart from the contemporary "dude", name him "Yude".
by Rock_Alibi February 04, 2010
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