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A term used for a guy stealing girls’ heart with a smooth and husky voice. His voice is sweet, but not tiring. The first glimpse of him may fall in love with him. Watching him playing the piano deepens your love especially while he is singing the song Yewupi. Be careful! Otherwise, you cannot go out with guys except him. There are no guys like him in the world. Whenever he cries, you will cry with him. Whenever he smiles, you will forget what to do and be stuck there. Whenever you are told how nice Yuchun is from people who have met him, the possibility that you can escape from him will be close to 0%. He has physical and spiritual attraction: a handsome face and beautiful mind.

His gift for music is beyond your imagination. He is a musician of genius. In addition to his amazing vocal, he has played great roles as a musician: composition, lyrics, arrangement and rap-making. He did the jobs in making more than 16 songs. Kiss the baby sky, Love bye love and Kiss sitamama sayonara are three of his best songs. He has successively finished his leading role in SungKyunKwan Scandal. His performance in the drama was so excellent that you may not believe that it was his first acting experience.

His fashion sense is also close to a genius. If you don’t like his style, you may not understand how hip it is.

We dare to say that Yuchun is one of the most beautiful human beings in the world. The only man in this world that deserves the statement mentioned above is Park Yuchun from JYJ.
I’ll try my yuchun (=best).

I want to say “Thank you” with all my yuchun (=heart).

Everyone here tries to be a yuchun (=good person).

You’re welcome. It’s my yuchun (=pleasure).

Please download it in a yuchun (=careful) way.

What a yuchun (=wonderful) day!

The sky is yuchun (=clear and beautiful).

My English skill isn’t that yuchun (=good). Don’t be bored. Have a yuchun (=good) time

I’ll treat you yuchunly (=well).

I'll talk to you in Yuchunese (=Korean, English, and Japanese)
by Bright Blessing December 17, 2010
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