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It means outside in swedish and is used when people are coming from an specific place like inside and outside.
It can also be an second name for someone named Fabian.
He is most of the time a person with a micropenis and has big manboobs like he was a woman.
For example: Harry Potter kommer genom ytterdörren.
And translated to english its gonna be: Harry Potter came through the front door.
Another example: Hi, my name is Fabian Ytter!
by Arad119 May 19, 2017
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(Adj) The feeling of not knowing someones emotions relating to, or about your actions.
I just put my buddie's snapchat name on 4chan, and I don't know if he's angry or if he thinks it was funny. I'm felling really ytter about going to the party at his house.

My dog ytterly entered the living room where everyone saw standing, looking at the massive turd he made in middle of it.
by Chuckin' Charlie Prince January 24, 2014
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