The event of misplacing time because you're on YouTube and you keep clicking on things that look interesting until eventually you've been completely sucked in and have lost years of your life.
Person: Dude, why weren't you at my birthday party last week?
Other person: Sorry man, I got trapped in a YouTube Vortex.
by Bucket McGee December 20, 2011
The phenomenon that occurs when a friend shows you a YouTube video that reminds you a video that then reminds them of a video that then reminds you of a video...
"I was over at Chadrick's house last night and we got caught in a YouTube Vortex."

youtube loop
by General Larry Platt February 10, 2010
When you click on a video one of your friends posts on a social networking site, which leads to another similar video, and then... 3 hours later you're still in a swirling video vortex and your ass has fallen asleep.
"Man, I clicked on a video that Sal LaPuma posted on Facebook and got sucked into a YouTube Vortex for two hours! I'm behind on my work now."
by Smerkbich September 4, 2011