1. The reason your sad ass exists.
2. That guy who left to get milk 7 years ago.
"Your dad is a horrible person"-Scumbag
by The Legend Scumbag December 4, 2018
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It is often a offensive joke as people will cry about it.
guy#1: hey when it it friday?
guy#2: when is your dad coming back?

guy#1: when is it the end of the lesson
guy#2 when is your dad going to come back?
by Heres_Jonny February 10, 2022
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something that doesn't exist
your dad does not exist
by imspeakingfax/true October 17, 2021
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Said he was gonna get the milk but he never came back he also never cared about his kids

The mom is usually happy

Will only return if you win the lottery
by Nintenplushworld August 26, 2022
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1. A person who enjoys and thinks highly of your father, usually this person likes your father more than you, so be careful of the person who is saying this phrase.

2. Also a great response to everything, always tell people "I like your dad" when they ask if you have a crush on someone.
Bully: Oh yeah, don't you hate everyone ?
me: I like your dad though.

Person: What do you think of my dad ?
me: I like your dad :D
by .__________. December 21, 2021
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