The act of hiring a friend or a professional burglar to break into the home that you live in to rob your parents over anything containing monetary value in order for you to make rent. Though some might regard this as unscrupulous, it is less so if your family happens to have a decent property insurance plan and it is also highly ironic.
My mom upped my rent by a hundred dollars so I paid a crackhead sixteen bucks and a pack of cigarettes to break in in the middle of the night and steal my father's x-box. Fortunately he lied on the insurance claim so a Playstation 3 and a 60-inch plasma screen were a byproduct of the ordeal. I condone fucking your parents.
by gloryholes October 4, 2010
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Roast your parents month is sadly not a month you get to roast your parents is a day of a month to be more exact November 5th on this date you get to roast your parents as much as you could thing of but be sure you don third them to much because sometimes roasts can be a bit ruder then rude
by Mistaken Mystery November 4, 2020
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An innuendo for sex, created by the youtuber Jacksfilms It's a different way to say Netflix and Chill and not have parents be suspicious of actions.
Zack: "Hey babe, you wanna Crunchyroll and Dissapoint your parents?
Grace: "Certainly! I love to watch Anime"
Parents: "These damn kids these days"
Zack: "Come on! I've got a great episode of boku no pico to watch with you!"
by Sandman2155 May 30, 2016
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This national day is October 26th. Its an entire day made for disobeying your parents.

(Please dont do anything too extreme though.)
ARE YOU HYPED FOR National Disobey Your Parents Day
by PrinzMarbll October 2, 2020
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A phrase uttered by Cartman on south park a few times throughout the fifth season. Cartman, in the show, actually DID make Scott Tennerman eat his own parents. I should also mention, that that episode is by far the best episode of south park. (Scott Tennerman Must Die)
"I'll make you eat your parents."
"What? What did you say?"
by beattie April 12, 2005
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You probably just made your parents upset or mad and searched this up just so you don't feel disappointed anymore, I feel ya.
My dad just yelled at me for "breaking" a trumpet so I searched "how to make your parents proud" into the urban dictionary.
by 2021AA January 16, 2021
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definition: do whatever you want that your parents don't like
e.g. play music loudly, stay up late, wear clothes they don't like, buy something you've been wanting to for ages but your parents wouldn't approve (torn jeans), yell at them from another room :)
Me: Karen, it's fuck with your parents day, what are you going to do?#
Karen: what's that?
Me: fuck with your parents day - 12th Jan, is doing something your parents don't want you to do
Karen: not talk to the manager >:c
by arakana January 12, 2021
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