Your opportunity to go on Urban Dictionary and make a super flattering, overly embellished definition describing the name you carry.
Peter: See? You can put Your Name on Urban Dictionary, and make a definition for it.

Steve: Says here “Peters” are the sweetest, kindest men.

Peter: Damn right.

Steve: That’s bullshit, though. Cause you’re a piece of shit.

Peter: Yeah, but putting this down helps me and other Peter’s feel better about ourselves.
by Chuds McGee October 1, 2019
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Trying to find a way of showing that you have a big dick without them seeing your dick.
Person A: You better not be looking up your name on the Urban Dictionary again! It's just gonna ypsay you have a big dick!
Person B: Exactly
by Copy the Compcom May 26, 2020
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you are lonely. You are probably assuring yourself that you have friends and an interesting personality. You will probably go back and look at your name's definition you wrote and pretend someone else wrote it for you. Maybe you will suggest searching names to your friends, and stumble across the one you wrote, and have it be "scarily" true. Good luck. It gets better.
by jakehatesrakes January 14, 2015
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People who look up there name on urban dictionary looking for something like Josh-nice, funny, cool, huge dick and hot af. They post it on there story to show people that there's more then one perso in the fucking world with the same name as then and decided to write a paragraph about it....
No one gives a fuck about what your name is on urban dictionary so fuck off Something your would say to your friends on your annoying Snapchat feed that won't stop posting there dumbass names. or a answer to your annoying friends whom post this shit on there snapchats when no one gives a fuck
by Christivn March 15, 2017
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