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An insult regarding the artistic ability of a person's female parent, especially in regards to the cutting-up and re-gluing of pictures from magazines.

Found especially among students of Graphic or Interior Design, as no one else cares (or knows) about the artistic abilities of their mother.

This insult is perhaps a parody of misspelling/mispronunciation of Kip Dynamite's crushing yet witty line your mom goes to college.
Graphic Design Student: You wouldn't know an "Interior" if it were labled--in chartreuse!
Interior Design Student: Oh, yeah? You call *that* "graphic design"? I made better collages than that when I was three!
Graphic Design Student: Your mom goes to collage.
Interior Design Student: *runs away crying*
by Lady Chevalier July 04, 2005
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An insult towards you and your mom pretty much saying your stupid and so is your mom and you have here genes...
>>Man your dumb!
--Well at least my mom doesnt go to collage
>>I think its your female parental unit attends a post-secondary institution
by Brandon H May 24, 2005
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