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The Lead Singer of Brand New;
a type of God, lyric genius, emotionally expressive mastermind.
Heaven sent, don't you dare forget.
Random One: "Did you see Brand New on Saturday?!"
Random Two: "Yes!, Jesse Lacey is amazing, it was incredible."

by asherleaa April 07, 2008

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An alteration of the comeback "Your Face" or "Your Mum"

Used in the same context, when nothing else can be said.

Scenario One..
Person One: Can I have my pen back?
Person Two: What pen?
Person One: The one in your hand.
Person Two: I don't know anything about a pen.
Person One: Stop being a shit.
Person Two: "Your life is shit"

Scenario Two..
Person One: That gig was dissapointing.
Person Two: "Your life is dissapointing"

Can be used incorrectly.
Scenario One..
Person One: I had a sandwich for lunch today.
Person Two: "Your life is a sandwich"

This just doesn't make sense.

Scenario Two..
Person One: Did you see that flower? It's so beautiful.
Person Two: Your life is beautiful.

Obviously the insult has now become a compliment.
by asherleaa April 07, 2008

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A person who appears to be hot by comparison to other people within a country town; generally full of bogans. Somebody who if found around a city area would not be so appealing, but desired in their hometown due to the lack of attractive country people.
"He's hot, but you know.. he's country hot"
by asherleaa April 07, 2008

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"Investment for the future"
A person who is young, but would obviously be attractive when they were older.. used to avoid looking like a cradle snatcher.
Did you see Julies younger brother? He's such an AXA.
by asherleaa May 08, 2008

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Somebody who is particularly impressive, or appears to be exceptionally good at life.

* If you were to meet someone who was obviously NOT a real person you would know because they would constantly be failing at life, or bringing other people down.
random: I wish I was more like insert name, she's so beautiful and always helping other people.. she's a real person.

random: insert name is such a douchebag, have you noticed how he's always screwing up, he's not even a real person.
i.e. matt miller.

Girl walks into a bar, trips and spills her drink.

are you okay?! i'd like to buy you another drink. (helps girl up)

oh yeah, i'd tap that.
bend over again honey.

by asherleaa April 07, 2008

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