Your Clapped is used as an insult to anybody who is a lil bitch
Girl: i don't love you anymore
Josh: your clapped anyway
Josh: *wheese*
by CrackHeadDolphin October 29, 2018
When you have sex with someone's dog to spite them
Shut up Henry, I'm going to clap your dog.
by Dcprentiss February 27, 2017
Meaning Fight, Punch , and beat up somebody unexpectedly after they talked shit about you
Disrespect my mom one more time and I will clap your ass”
by your mom gei 101 May 11, 2018
To slap or smack another's person buttocks in an endearing or flirtatious fashion.
"Damn ma! Look at that cake! Imma clap your shits!!"
by smartyfartybitch February 7, 2017
What I'm about to do to this thicc nigga sitting next to me at lunch
Yo I'm bout to clap your cheeks faggot no homo
by BigPeePeeTyrone November 8, 2017